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All photos you see here were taken in Okinawa, Japan. Some are in Private Galleries where magazine editors get to select their favorites for publication. If you'd like to see those, please visit PUBLISHED where you'll find LINKs to the articles they appear in. Enjoy your visit!
© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 5727536: Rufus Goes to Town Animal Photography        slide show (30)
Domestic or captive animals

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 7388627: Osprey Birds of Okinawa        slide show (126)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 7520453: Blue Triangle Bugs, Butterflies, Fish and Fur        slide show (35)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9205760: Nakijin-jo  Castles of Okinawa        slide show (33)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 11186209: Blue Underwater Lighting Caves of Okinawa        slide show (21)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 7180904: Scramble Culture: Dances and Miscellaneous        slide show (115)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9006910: Naha Dragonboat Dragonboats        slide show (35)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 8413375: Human Footprint Editor's Picks        slide show (216)
Photos selected by the Pros at BetterPhoto during the inital stage of the monthly photo contests.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9006856: Zukan FESTIVALS        slide show (66)
Matsuri (FESTIVALS) from all over Okinawa.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 8124823: Iris Field Flowers, Ferns, Trees and Plants        slide show (111)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 11665581: Unidentified insect Okinawa, Japan  Photo 19 Insect Unidentified        slide show (41)
This series of photos was taken in Okinawa, Japan 30 MAR 2011 between 5:45 and 6:04PM.
At first, it appeared to be a feather caught in the mangrove trees. However, it moved when the wind stopped moving the leaves and branches. When I noticed it had eyes, I tried to get better shots and even left the bridge and got as close as possible trying to get a clear shot without falling in the river.

If you have any idea what this creature might be please email me via CONTACT on my Homepage.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 8274653: Island LIfe Location Photography        slide show (117)
An anything-goes collection of photos; all shot somewhere in Okinawa, Japan.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 11872133: Eclipse in Okinawa, Japan JUN 2011 Lunar Eclipse Okinawa, Japan June 16, 2011        slide show (15)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9100355: Kaboom ! My Published Photos        slide show (315)
Photos published online or in printed magazines.

Okinawa Wedding Photos        slide show (28)
Enter at your own risk, it was IT WAS A FAMILY AFFAIR !

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 11660050: A Happy Occasion Ryukyu Rusty's Photography        slide show (14)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 10012477: Kijimuna Apogee Photo Magazine (private)        slide show (17)
The first place my photos and writing were ever published.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9023250: Fear Big World Magazine (private)        slide show (25)
A Private Gallery

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 10181139: Wine Rack CNNGO (private)        slide show (16)
A Private Gallery

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 6940790: Bridge to Nowhere Go Backpacking (private)        slide show (1)
A Blog aimed at encouraging people to travel abroad, independently.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 8944469: A Shinugu Ritual Go Nomad Magazine (private)        slide show (8)
A Private Gallery for the editors of Go Nomad.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 7977247: An Okinawa Bullfight MatadorNetwork (private)        slide show (36)
A Gallery Reserved for Matador Travel Network

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9526864: HAPPY DAZE Photo Argus (private)        slide show (34)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 10326340: pocket cultures Pocket Cultures (private)        slide show (0)
A Guide to World Cultures where I am a Regional Contributor for Japan.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 7933933: imgp3532 Publisher's Gallery (private)        slide show (31)
This Gallery is available to publishers only..

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 12689803: Photographer Friends at the Falls Then and Now Project (private)        slide show (16)
Photos for future use in the Then and Now series.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 9488323: Hope and Pray TravelThruHistory (private)        slide show (8)

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 7882156: Sensei Meets Sensei Writers Gallery (private)        slide show (39)
Available to writers using my photos for publication..

Eisa Festival Uruma Okinawa        slide show (40)
A Festival I attended 12 SEP 2010

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13492425: imgp5992 Awa Nago Okinawa, Japan OCT 2012        slide show (148)
A Festival in the village of Ada where the dance called Usudeku was performed.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13632820: Female Priests of Okinawa Infocus Asia (private)        slide show (16)
A Private Gallery

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13696188: Matsuda Cave HDR Matsuda Cave Photos (private)        slide show (38)
A Private Gallery

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13324434: A Fisherman in Nakijin Okinawa2Go ! (private)        slide show (6)
A Private Gallery

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13960623: The Umimaru and Crew at Sea Sabani        slide show (27)
The traditional fishing boat of Okinawa.

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 14258204: Energy Efficient Sabani Sailing Boats (private)        slide show (31)
A Private Gallery for Sabani members

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13482897: imgp5110 Shinigu Gushiken 2012        slide show (238)
Photos from September 2012 Gushiken Village in Motobu Okinawa, Japan

© Michael  Lynch PhotoID# 13476089: imgp6154 Teniya Okinawa, Japan 2012        slide show (173)
These are images from OCT 6, 2012


© Michael Lynch

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